Online meetings for gender diverse youth.

Online contact group for all transgender youth.

Transvisie organizes monthly online meetings for gender diverse adolescents via Zoom. The online meetings are a safe, cozy and relaxed place to meet each other. You could ask questions or just listen. You could share your own experiences and support others in the meeting. Or you could just chill and make international friends. The 1,5 hour meetings will always start by getting to know each other, do some fun small group energizers and talk about school, puberty, friends, transgender issues and everything else, you want to share. The facilitators help you to feel at ease, as most participants find it exciting the first time they join.

For whom?

Are you 14-17 years old, identify as transgender yourself (as trans girl, non- binary, trans boy), or are you not sure yet and gender seeking? You want to meet other same kind of adolescents? Prefer to speak English?

We organize monthly online meetings via Zoom with max 12 people for you people who feel more comfortable in speaking English and are somehow connected to The Netherlands. Maybe you moved with your parents to the Netherlands? Maybe you are Dutch or Dutch Caribbean, living outside of Holland, and prefer to speak English? You are all welcome to our online meetings!

If you are younger or older than our current age group, please let us know by mailing: Transvisie might be organizing more English spoken meetings for 18+ in the future if there is a need.


Contact details.

Frequency, days, time and location.

The meetings take place monthly on Fridays from 19:30 to 21:00. The 1,5 hour meetings start with a short getting to know each other round, we then do some fun small group energizers and talk about school, puberty, transgender issues and everything else that you want to share. We mostly end with a fun quiz. Two or three facilitators of Transvisie (who speak both English and Dutch) will be organizing the meetings and help everybody to feel safe.   


Registration form for 2023: Click here

Upon registration, you will receive an invitation with a Zoom meeting link. Your personal information is only used for organizing the meetings. If you can’t join the meeting, but registered, we kindly ask you to let us know in advance. Then we might be able to make someone else from the waiting list happy.  

If you have doubts or questions, please contact us through 

Who are we?

We are a team of around 10 enthusiastic transgender adults, parents and family members of gender diverse youth who have experience themselves or indirectly through their family members. Note that our online meetings are not therapeutical sessions as the facilitators are not health care professionals but involved volunteers.

We work as volunteers for Transvisie and we have been organizing these online meetings since two years now for gender diverse youth in The Netherlands, in Dutch. As we saw some adolescents participating in our meetings who preferred to express themselves in English, we decided to start a pilot for ‘Dutch-related’ global citizens.

Transvisie is a Dutch foundation, committed to all people with questions about their gender identity and to their family, loved ones and relevant environment. If you need professional help, you can find information of gender clinics and in The Netherlands on the Transvisie website (Wegwijzer on or you could contact the Transgender helpdesk NL.

Looking forward to see you in one of our meetings.


Saskia, Noah & Yan,

On behalf of Team online meetings

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